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Evaluation Request:
A request to evaluate your child can be made by the parent, caregiver, teacher, counselor, family member, friend, etc.  Once the request is made (in writing!), a required timeline initiates and the school has five (5) school days to respond asking for your written permission to begin the evaluation.  An email or written note to your child's teacher, principal, counselor, special education director to write the evaluation request is sufficient. The email/note must ask for an evaluation for special education eligibility. Your child must be tested in all areas of suspected disability. Recordkeeping becomes very important as dates, school responses, etc. become part of your child's educational history. A folder or binder of all written correspondence and noting dates/times of any phone calls is an important aspect to record-keeping when noting your child's academic difficulty to his/her school. Begin, if you haven't already, recordkeeping now.


Special education evaluations that the parent has consented to are at no ($0) cost to the parent.   The consent form that the school sends home will be specific to the assessment types. You can agree to them all, reject some, and/or request assessment areas. Again, documentation is important of school response.  If the school verbally responds, request that their response is also made in writing.




The parent gives the written consent for the special education evaluations to begin. Once the parent's written consent is received by the school, the next required timeline of thirty (30) days begins.  The school has thirty school days to complete the special education evaluations in which the parent has given permission and then two weeks after evaluations to hold an eligibility meeting.  That is, within forty-five (45 )days of the return of your agreed-up written agreement for evaluations to assess areas of suspect disabilities, a special education eligibility meeting will be held, with you as an equal participant and contributor.  

Make a written request on the evaluation consent form for the results to be delivered at least two (2) days before your school meeting. Having the evaluations two days prior to the meeting allows you to review the results, scores, recommendations, etc.

Read what students are expected to know and do by end of the school year in each grade:

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