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Special Education Advocate

Available to assist in the special education process; providing guidance in identifying and advocating for evaluations in areas of suspected disabilities, eligibility, placement, related services, modified instruction, classroom accommodations, extended school year, compensatory services, etc.  My services include attending an IEP meeting and/or reviewing and preparing you to attend an upcoming meeting. 


Your child's learning needs are unique and may require individualization (further or different individualization if already on an IEP/504). Literacy interventions, functional behavior assessments (FBA), positive behavior supports, and varied classroom management techniques will be assessed/reviewed. Family and interprofessional collaboration will be maximized.  The goal will be for your student to receive what s/he requires in school to be successful.  

College Admission Support

Available to provide all levels of support for high school students wishing to apply to college, with a primary focus on students who may believe that college isn't an available choice to them.  I provide support through every phase of the admission process, preferably starting with a student in their junior year.  However, if later, we can still get it all in.  The important thing is to apply if you think this is your child's path!

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